Why You Need Your “Why” Nearby

Life gets tough sometimes. There are other things happening in your life – job, friends, family – that cause you to lose track of what you’re trying to achieve. Maybe it’s that busy period at your job, or everybody suddenly has something to celebrate all nights of the week.
Either way, you get home exhausted and just want to crash on the couch and eat food-like substances. On those nights when you really can’t be bothered, even if it means letting someone down, you need to have your “Why” nearby.

What is a “Why”? It’s the reason you’re working so hard growing your business, or are staying late at the office night after night, or are changing the way you eat. It’s a visual representation of your goal: a photo of you and your family having fun, an image of an empty deck chair on a beach. A “Why” is the thing you look at when you’re feeling down. It makes you say: “THAT’S why I’m doing this, THAT’S is why I have to keep going”. It’s an instant boost of motivation.

Unlike the other type of motivation, this is internal. It is less powerful at inducing action; looking at a picture of a deck chair on a beach is not going to get you jumping off the couch going “oh s**t, i have to do some marketing right now!” But what these “Whys” do allow you to do is to stay focused. They don’t let you forget that you have this goal, this dream that you’re chasing. So that when you come home knackered, you still see a choice between TV and dream-chasing, instead of getting lost in reality and reverting to TV as the default behaviour. Because really, how likely are you to be able to travel the world if you spend every evening watching TV?

This danger of forgetting what you’re trying to achieve is the reason why the more “Whys” you have around you, the better. When you’re losing momentum, you want one of these “Whys” within easy reach, like the TV remote when you want to change channel. I have many of these scattered around the place. (Not TV remotes, “Whys”. I don’t even have a TV). There’s a printed list of reasons why I want and deserve to succeed on the wall in my office. There’s a collection of dream lifestyle photos that are my tablet background, and a painting of a house on the beach in the kitchen. I even have a luscious handcream I made sitting on my bathroom counter as a reminder that I want to have the time and cash to make more lovely things for my body. Including food, I love cooking good food. You’re all invited to dinner once I move into my dream apartment!

You can even use this site as one of your “Why” reminders. Simply add your email address below and you’ll receive frequent reminders of things you can do to keep working on your dream. I’ll also be featuring people that have put in the hard yards, and are living their dreams, as well as those like you and me that are in the process of making it happen, so stay tuned!

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5 Responses to Why You Need Your “Why” Nearby

  1. Šárka says:

    You have got great writing skills Annika !! Love it

  2. This is great post and I love your ideas. This week I leaned quite heavily into my “why” to keep me going. I would have been quite lost without it.

    • Annika S says:

      Hi Nicky,
      Thanks I’m glad you found this helpful – what is your “Why”? Where is it that you can be reminded of it all the time?

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