How a Bath Made Me into a New Person

2014 is now well underway, and yet all has been quiet here at I’ve been fairly reclusive on social media these past two months as well, because I’ve been going through some pretty big changes. I never planned to; all I did was go on a four week holiday to visit family in Germany, but I’ve come back a completely different person.

From "Waitress Wannabe" to a woman that takes her business seriously!

From “Waitress Wannabe” to a woman that takes her business seriously!

In hindsight, I probably should have seen the change coming. After all, I did quit my full-time job before I left, and don’t intend to find a new one.

That’s right, I’ve gone full-time with coaching, and with!

When I made the decision to quit, I thought it was a pretty simple transition. The only thing that would change was that instead of having 1-2hrs/day to spend working on my biz, I would now have up to 14! I was so wrong. 

Over the past four weeks my identity has completely changed. I used to be the waitress that wants to work for herself, and I am now a full-time, professional coach and entrepreneur. It still freaks me out a little to say that, but it’s the truth.


My transformation started out accidental. I knew I needed new clothes so that I could go to networking events (I didn’t even own a blazer!), so I hired a stylist. Together, we created my new look, and looking at myself in the mirror I thought ”Wow, I actually look like a coach and entrepreneur! What else can I do to make myself feel more like this?” And so the hair changed. And the makeup. And as I changed on the outside, so did my Inner Game.

My transformation was complete

My transformation was complete!

I even accidentally underwent a “Rebirth” Ritual: I was just having a nice relaxing bath, with candles and music, essential oils, the whole wellness shebang. And as I was finishing and watching the water drain away, I could feel the old me draining away with it. It’s freaky, but I knew I wasn’t the same person anymore, I had turned pro.

I didn’t realise it then, but rituals like the one I underwent are incredibly important when making a change. Many people I know do an annual review at the end of every year; it’s part of their ritual to welcome in the New Year and all the changes that come with it. A ritual, whether it be as elaborate as my transformation, or as small as lighting a candle, creates a barrier between the Then and the Now. Then I was trying; Now I am doing.


Lighting a candle can be a  wonderful way to welcome the new You

I have a feeling that doing a small ritual before you start a new habit will increase your chances of success. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as you do something that symbolises that this time is different. Never mind that you’ve tried to lose weight hundreds of times before, this time is different because you are different. You need to feel that distinct shift in identity – you used to be a couch potato with a list of excuses a mile long, but you’re not any more. That’s why you’re burning them.


Do whatever feels right to you – I had no idea what I was doing with my bath, I just decided to light the candles – and trust that whatever you do is exactly what you need to bring the new You into existence.

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3 Responses to How a Bath Made Me into a New Person

  1. Tom Grbich says:

    Congratulations Annika – yes (in my view) honesty is by AR the best policy and it starts with YOU. That a mistake (of WHATEVER nature) was made is almost irrelevant – it’s what you do AFTERWARDS that tells how you really are and what you are made of.

    I have enjoyed our interactions and hope there will be many more to come.

    May this be the best year ANY of us has experienced to date.


    • Annika S says:

      Thanks Tom,
      I agree, I respect a writer more once they’ve owned up to a mistake – it’s almost like they become more human. I’m looking forward to being myself more this year, speaking my truth more often both online and in person – it’s all part of becoming a professional! This will be a fantastic year, I can already feel it!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Your site is familiar but anyway, I think this is my first comment here.

    Sounds like exciting news you have there. Always happy to hear of one more person who has taken the plunge to pursue his/her passion. It’s a huge step but worth it. Congrats on that!

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