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Meet Sarah.
Sarah runs her own online business

Meet Sarah2



When Sarah started out, she only had a few clients.


She would email them, schedule calls, and work on growing her business.


Meet Sarah3



Sarah loved engaging with her clients, and they loved the personal touch they got from her service.

She spent a lot of time doing work that wasn’t paid client work, but she enjoyed it, and it was all part of the journey.


  Meet Sarah4


Then Sarah’s business grew.


Her marketing paid off, she had more clients than ever, and was finally starting to ‘make it’.


This was it. This was what she had been working so hard to achieve – she finally felt like a real entrepreneur.




Only the work didn’t stop.

More clients meant more admin work.

More invoices, more follow-ups, more meetings. Not to mention all the marketing work she was doing to keep growing. And that new product she was working on.


It was all she could do to keep up.



She tried hiring some help,

But by the time she’d explained what she wanted done (and answered all the questions), it was easier to do it herself.



When she did get a good assistant, they would often leave within a couple of months.



Because she was so busy, Sarah started dropping the ball.



She’d forget to follow up here, or send an invoice there – her self-created chaos was costing her money and she knew it, she just didn’t have the bandwidth to keep up.



Sarah didn’t know what was going on in her business anymore.


She didn’t know what to do next, or how to get out of this mess. She started to hate her business.

Everything was so overwhelming, some days she wanted to curl up in a ball and just give up. Maybe even go back to her corporate job – anything would be less stressful than this!


Sarah’s business was officially out of control.


Are you Sarah right now?

No longer in control of your business, and temped to just pack it in because you don’t have what it takes to make this work?


Don’t give up just yet.

What you’re experiencing is a normal part of business growth.

You should be proud of yourself. You’re making a bigger impact than ever before.

You’ve made it this far, and nobody taught you how to get here. You’ve just been figuring it out as you go along, and you’ll figure this out too.

So don’t stress, this is just another hurdle on your path as an entrepreneur.

And just like you had courses, mentors and assistants to get you to this point, you can get help to move you beyond here.



Annika Stahlberg



I’m Annika, and I can be your saviour.

I’m an entrepreneur too, only my brain works differently.  

Where you as a creative get excited by turning big crazy ideas into reality, what gets me going is taking the big fat mess you created while you bulldozed your idea into existence…  

…and turning it into a beautiful, simple operation that is a dream to use.


I get a kick out of taking the most painful parts of your business, and making them go away.

Having worked with dozens of coaches and virtual businesses, I understand the pain and frustration your chaos is causing you. And nothing gives me greater joy than showing you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Working in my business is such a breeze now!

Annika was able to cut right to the core of my business and see what was really important, and what wasn’t.
I can’t believe the chaos that used to be my life – never again!


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